'What Not to Wear' in ELI Vignettes

When it comes to fashion, it seems everyone has an opinion, and our course vignettes are no different. People often ask about characters’ wardrobes and how we choose them. Obviously, we want the actors to look realistic and appropriate for our clients’ working environments, and we also try to choose outfits that will have some staying power. We generally dress our actors in a variety of muted colors that complement each other and display well onscreen. The last thing we want is for participants to get off track and distracted over an outfit — after all, the vignettes are there to fuel the learning, not provide a fashion show. So we try to find a balance between stylish and conservative, using the services of a professional stylist to put together outfits for us. Some of our “What Not to Wear” rules include: No short skirts. No funky patterns. No fads or trendy items. No big earrings or heavy makeup (Ms. Francis, anyone?). I guess you could say that, just like most of our clients’ organizations, our vignettes have a dress code.

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