Read the latest perspectives from ELI® on trends and best practices for building a civil, inclusive, and productive workplace culture.


Introduction to Unconscious Bias

(2016) Ready to learn more about what Unconscious Bias is, and how it can affect your workplace? The Introduction to Unconscious Bias provides an overview of Unconscious Bias, explores what it is, provides real-world examples of unconscious bias and helps to explain what you can do about it.
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How Trustworthy is Your Workplace?

ebook-trust-workplace(2014) Values and trust inside an organization are the keys to its success, and the employee’s viewpoint is the most credible source when it comes to learning the internal values of a company. We understand this at ELI, so we conducted a Trust in the Workplace survey, asking internal employees to explore the issue of trust in their workplace.
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Civility Rules!

civility-rules-coverA New Business Approach for Boosting Results and Cutting Risk – An excerpt from the new book by ELI President and CEO

(2016) “For as long as I’ve been in the business world, it seems that organizations have tipped the balance of concern toward hard infrastructure and operational processes. They have overlooked the importance of organizational environment, culture, and individual behavior on results. They’ve treated values like respect and civility as business niceties, not business necessities.” – Stephen M. Paskoff
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8 Fundamentals of a Civil Treatment® Workplace

ebook-8-fundamentals(2014) Your organization needs to juggle an increasing array of business needs in order to succeed – and one of these is the need to better capitalize on human potential. In today’s fast-paced world, many factors that used to convey a competitive advantage no longer do. But one universal truth hasn’t changed: Your employees are what make or break you in a competitive market. How people are trained, treated, retained, and utilized is crucial in virtually all marketplaces. This white paper will discuss the 8 fundamentals necessary to capitalize on human potential and create a Civil Treatment Workplace.
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Five Actionable Ideas for Creating a Civil Treatment® Workplace

ebook-five-ideas(2013) This eBook focuses on workplace behavior and culture within an organization. Many companies spend their energy focusing almost exclusively on preventing illegal behavior, which is important – but it’s not enough. They need to create a Civil Treatment Workplace.
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Revisioning the Way We Learn

ebook-revisioning(2013) We’re connected with people from all over the globe but that doesn’t mean we know a whit about them, their cultures, their beliefs, or how they work. Complexity is increasing. Tools to simplify information, make it memorable and lasting, are not keeping up. If we want to bring people together in the workplace, minimize risk, and increase productivity, we can’t assume that the latest technology will help us. Unfortunately, it may have the opposite effect. Sometimes more technology and more content are a recipe for worse compliance results.
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Creating a Culture of Speaking Up: 8 Insights for Linking Leadership and Teamwork to Prevent Disaster

ebook-creating-culture(2013) Situations can quickly deteriorate and the harm can be immediate and long lasting, personal, and organizational. By attuning everyone to the imperative of speaking up, we can help avert catastrophes from causing unnecessary and, all too often, irreparable damage. With a teamwork focus on uncovering and repairing problems, speaking up becomes a valued element of organizational citizenship and performance excellence.
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Simplicity Rules: 12 Thoughts for the 2012 Workplace

ebook-simplicity(2012) Are you overwhelmed with the countless policies and regulations that swamp today’s workplace? If so, you’re not alone. The answer is a few simple principles that apply to every professional situation and can ultimately transform your workplace behaviors.
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