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ELI Provides Clients with a Best Practice Approach That Can Be Tailored to Their Unique Situation

Since 1986, ELI has provided a range of workplace training services to valued clients around the world. More than two million people have participated in ELI training, building practical skills that help bring to life their organization’s commitment to civility, fairness, and professionalism in the workplace. With expertise in helping organizations change individual behavior and transform their overall workplace cultures, ELI provides clients with a best practice approach that can be tailored to their unique environment, industry, business issues, or other factors.

Before deciding on any learning content and delivery system, organizations should ask themselves these four questions:

  • What business objectives will this solution address?
  • What do we hope to accomplish by integrating ELI solutions into the organization’s practices?
  • How will we know it is successful?
  • Will the content, delivery and reinforcement methods we are choosing serve the objectives we have defined for the training?

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

ELI’s award winning learning methodology focuses on aligning workplace behavior with organizational values, policies and the law by presenting key learning points in an interactive experiential way. Taught by ELI certified instructors in a classroom setting, our programs are anchored with practical, easy-to-follow guidelines and models that participants can apply to virtually any situation they may encounter back on the job. While the courses are legally accurate and regularly updated, they do more than simply help clients raise awareness and comply with the law. Our unique approach gives an organization’s leaders and employees the motivation to change their behavior, the knowledge to determine appropriate actions, and the necessary skills to operationalize what they have learned.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

For clients who wish to reach a dispersed audience but still have a live instructor, ELI also conducts its training programs via Virtual Instructor-Led Training. ELI’s unique virtual training solution goes above and beyond the capabilities of traditional virtual training platforms to create a unique experience on par with instructor-led, classroom sessions.

Through a combination of live webcasting production technology, a robust video conferencing platform, and creative polling capability, the ELI virtual solution creates more engaging connections between participants, offers more flexibility in delivery formats, and seamlessly integrates supporting video and other visual elements to meet the business and training needs of fast-paced, disbursed, global organizations.

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Interactive and behaviorally focused, ELI’s e-learning programs are available in Internet (hosted on ELI’s Learning Management System), Intranet, and CD-Rom versions and are SCORM- and AICC-compatible. Hosted on our LMS or yours, our online programs help organizations provide consistent messages and skill-building opportunities to all audiences. They can be used as stand-alone training or in conjunction with instructor-led training to provide a truly blended solution.

How much is bad behavior
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