What is a train-the trainer program?

Train-the-trainer programs are designed to help professionals responsible for providing training within an organization. The program prepares a trainer by teaching the curriculum, learning methodologies, and content of a program. These programs provide a time-tested approach to accessing a proven curriculum and the opportunity to learn facilitation skills directly from course experts.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Train-the-trainer programs help participants learn program content. Equally as important, they provide a chance to gain valuable facilitation experience. Learning the most effective methods to present the material, encourage engagement, respond to challenges, and connect the program to workplace experiences is critical. Having ample opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to deliver the program is vital to a participant’s success.

There is also a tremendous benefit to discussing the personal successes and missteps experienced by those leading the train-the-trainer program when they teach. Talented program leaders should be able to effectively leverage the methodologies of the program, the content, and their own facilitation experiences to bring the program to life for the participants.

What to expect from the program

While every train-the-trainer program is slightly different, there are often similar elements. One common feature is the requirement to complete pre-work assignments before the start of the program. ELI’s train-the-trainer program includes three full days of classroom participation and instruction. Prior to arrival, participants are also responsible for completing assigned pre-work, so they are ready to hit the ground running when they arrive.

Some train-the-trainer programs also include a Human Resources Institute Certification (HRCI) or other accreditation components. ELI’s train-the-trainer program is pre-certified by HRCI, allowing participants to earn 20 hours of continuing education units upon successful completion of the program.

Taking advantage of a reputable train-the-trainer provider has the potential to take your training program beyond the ordinary and afford your employees the best, most impactful experience possible.

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  • Staci Froelich says:

    Interested in your train the trainer programs for building an inclusive workplace and civil treatment (for federal government).

    Staci Froelich

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