Certified Instructor Program

If you’re a human resources, training, or other professional with strong facilitation skills and a commitment to building and modeling a civil, inclusive and productive workplace, consider becoming an ELI® Certified Instructor.

Our Certified Instructor Program (CIP) offers a dynamic, interactive course to give you the knowledge and skills needed to deliver ELI’s award-winning learning solutions to your organization.
Our train-the-trainer program consists of a three-
day, hands-on workshop where participants learn the foundation of ELI’s learning philosophy, methodologies and course content. You will experience a Civil Treatment® course as a participant, and then have the opportunity to practice presenting course segments yourself.


In this CIP, participants practice and explore the learning philosophy and methodologies of Civil Treatment for Leaders and Civil Treatment for Employees training programs. Once certified, participants will know how to facilitate these two courses for maximum impact to their organization.


Participants in this CIP will immerse themselves in our Civil Treatment Workplace Initiative for Leaders and Employees. Once certified, participants will help their organization build better and more effective behaviors aligned with mission, values and goals– and maintain those changes for the long term.


In this CIP, participants will explore and practice teach our diversity and inclusion program, Civil Treatment: Building an Inclusive Workplace for Leaders and Employees. Upon certification, participants will be equipped with the skills to build highly inclusive teams and leverage peoples’ differences to maximize results.

You may attend one of our hands-on workshops at the ELI Learning Center in Atlanta or other locations. Certification sessions are also available at your site if you have a minimum of four instructor candidates. Earn up to 20 Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) credits by participating in the CIP.


  • On-Site Certified Instructor Programs
  • Regional Certified Instructor Programs
  • Federal Government Certified Instructor Programs

In addition to our public CIPs hosted at the ELI Learning Center in Atlanta, we can also offer On-Site CIPs at your location; Regional CIPs in specific geographic locations; and CIPs tailored for Federal Government agencies upon request. Contact your ELI Sales Representative for more information or to schedule a CIP.


As a certified instructor, you’ll join more than 10,000 individuals in ELI’s Certified Instructor Community™ (CIC), who are helping their organizations build professional and collaborative workplace cultures.

Membership in the CIC provides exclusive, ongoing learning and networking opportunities, legal and current trend updates, and other incentives via the password-protected instructor section of the ELI Web site.

Best of all, your certification is transferable should you change positions within your company or move to another organization.

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