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|December 16, 2013|One Comment

We sat next to each other, our phones and tablets spread out in front of us. We hadn’t met or spoken. But we shared the same need: we were both hungry for power. We had a long flight ahead of us, a great time to catch up on emails, listen to music, review documents or maybe play online games.  So we sat shoulder to shoulder sharing one of the scarce …

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|February 11, 2013|One Comment

describe the imageIn academia, Massive Open Online Courses [MOOCS] are now either the latest college fad, like streaking, or a seismic change akin to eliminating parietals and creating mixed male female dorms. MOOCS are online courses taught by first-rate lecturers who deliver via the desktop.  Students can be dispersed around the world and participate in online live and “bulletin board” chat sessions. While most of these courses are offered for free and …

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|October 3, 2012|One Comment

I’m all for any method or technology that increases learning effectiveness and can help organizations operate more productively, inclusively and legally. However, within the past two years or so, I’ve been hearing learning specialists say they’re driven to employ new technologies because that’s how millennial workers feel comfortable learning. That’s where I have a problem. It’s not that I’m anti-technology or anti-millennial. My wife will tell you it would be …

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|July 23, 2012|No Comments

describe the imageHow do we sustain what we teach? That’s the most frequent question I hear when it comes to workplace learning on civility, inclusion, and compliance. Cost and productivity are constantly being balanced against the urgent need to deliver key messages that result in lasting behavioral change. There are three main issues.

First, it’s clear that many organizations just don’t have time for traditional classroom training. For some audiences and topics, …

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