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Your company’s success depends on your ability to make great hires.

Many business leaders know this and go to great lengths to attract the best candidates. However, there’s a hidden force keeping a majority of companies from hiring the most qualified applicants, despite their conscious efforts.

That force is unconscious bias. It’s a natural function of the human brain, and it affects us all — even the most well-meaning …

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|March 24, 2015|2 Comments

We all make quick decisions, sometimes unaware that we’ve even made them. But unless we’re part of the walking dead, the majority of our actions include conscious thoughts on issues like what type of careers we’ll pursue, who will be our friends, or where we’ll live. The same is true in our daily work lives where the combination of our non-thinking and purposeful choices affects the quality of what we …

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two_faces_young_oldHere’s a famous optical illusion. When you look at it, you’ll see either a young woman or an older woman. Your friend who’s sitting right next to you may see a young woman gazing off to the side, while you see an elderly woman with her eyes cast downward. Who’s right? Both of you — the drawing contains both images.

This difference of perception is an analogy for what’s happening …

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|September 19, 2014|One Comment

Humans make quick decisions. We react reflexively to strange, threatening, and potentially life-threatening situations. It’s part of how we survive. Less dramatically but more frequently, we have routine interactions where we meet someone and later realize we’d gotten a “good” or “bad” impression about that person. Maybe this “feeling” translated into an instant like or dislike, all based on an encounter that lasted only a few seconds. But they can

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Stephen Paskoff 2952 compressed web

I grew up with Luis in Pittsburgh. We reconnected after he read my recent blog about learning grammar in the sixth grade. We exchanged a few Facebook messages. Then he called me. We had not spoken for several years and have seen each other just once since we graduated from high school, a long time ago.  Luis and I were in the same homeroom and took all the same classes …

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