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|October 16, 2014|No Comments

ebola virusOne patient has died.  Two healthcare providers have been infected with the ebola virus in Texas.  It’s too early to know for sure what happened, but somewhere there is a “learning” issue that needs attention. Last night, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital announced that it had given its staff mandatory training and that it had a heavy commitment to safety. No doubt that safety and proper procedure are urgent concerns at

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|June 9, 2014|One Comment

From what we have learned from their lawyers’ recently released report, executives and other leaders at General Motors apparently perfected their own non-verbal communication styles with an effectiveness which would have made Don Corleone proud. As candidly confirmed by CEO Mary Barra, leaders developed a cultural practice of tacitly agreeing not to pursue business problems with a “nod” while declaiming responsibility with an arms folded “salute.”  In the case …

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|March 31, 2014|No Comments

“It was a lot easier when we were all in our twenties, working out of our garage.”

The comment came from one of my clients.  We were meeting to talk about how some of the ways that he, now in his early forties and an executive for a multi-million dollar technology company, was behaving.  Specifically, we were meeting to talk about several complaints from peers and employees about his behavior.  …

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|August 21, 2012|No Comments

I sat in front of the audience last week participating as a panelist on workplace bullying. The Atlanta Diversity Management Advocacy Group (ADMAG), sponsored the session held at Georgia Power, our local utility and a long-time client. Conrado Marion-Landais, representing our host, walked to the podium, welcomed the audience and then, before saying a word about our topic, gave us a quick safety talk. He explained what to do if …

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