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|February 25, 2015|2 Comments

On February 10, we learned that Brian Williams had been suspended by NBC news for six months without pay following the revelation that he provided false information regarding a 2003 wartime incident in Iraq. His case made as much news as many of the stories he and his colleagues regularly reported. While the circumstances are unique, there’s a vital lesson here for any organization facing what I call “big shot” …

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|October 7, 2014|No Comments

On a visit last month to the Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell, I stood in the horse barn watching a teenage girl attempt to pull her mare into a stall.

With sweat forming across her forehead and her feet sliding across the straw-covered boards of the barn, she pulled hard on the lead. The mare wouldn’t budge.  The more she strained, the more resistant her horse became.  Standing six feet

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|July 17, 2014|No Comments

During a routine physical, your physician informs you your blood pressure is extremely high. She advises you to live a healthier lifestyle, but beyond that doesn’t tell you how to treat the condition or what could happen if you do nothing. Not a very effective way of convincing you to adjust your habits, is it?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how some organizations, including healthcare, are handling unprofessional, abusive conduct, or what …

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|April 7, 2014|One Comment

Is my life worth a buck? That’s what many owners of the Cobalt and other General Motors products must be asking themselves now. Surely, that’s the last question GM wants its customers to raise as they decide which vehicle will be their next purchase.

This week, a several year old memorandum surfaced in Congressional hearings investigating safety issues tied to the Cobalt’s ignition system. Written by an engineering professional at …

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|June 25, 2013|No Comments

Actions may speak louder than words, but few things speak louder than words that are documented.

Cases can be won and lost on documentation alone.  In fact, I once defended a discrimination claim in which the managers seemed to have handled the situation perfectly – they followed the company disciplinary policies to the letter, and they worked closely with Human Resources before terminating an employee. On its face, this looked …

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