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Fighting Workplace Spam – Our Own

They pop in your mailbox. You get more of them a day than you can absorb and remember. They don’t communicate much of value or interest – but they are there and impact your effectiveness. Like it or not, you have to read and respond to them or consciously ignore

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Does Stealing Attention Violate Your Code of Conduct?

Codes of conduct cover just about everything – what you can say and can’t; what gifts are acceptable and aren’t; relationships that are proper and those that cross the line.  They span a wide swath of legal and operational territory. So let me suggest one more rule to prevent workplace

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Legality, Civility, Productivity

I spoke with a distinguished executive who has a key role in leading fair employment initiatives for a major federal agency. She told me her organization is dealing with a range of disturbing leadership and workplace issues affecting morale and productivity. Generally, they involve supervisors who scream, yell, slam books,

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Should You Have An Attention Management Strategy?

Every company today is fighting to attract and retain talent. But there’s another, overlooked, talent war that could yield greater benefits if won, and greater harm if lost.  It’s the war for the attention of your talent. All of our great new forms of communication are eroding our ability to

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Community Learning at Work

I listened to our instructor explaining how our new software package will work. I’m excited to learn and use this tool – it will ease communication and improve how we do business. There’s a lot to absorb, but I’m confident that eventually it will become routine, even for me. I

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