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|February 5, 2015|One Comment

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that financial service leaders are examining their cultures and employee attitudes on a range of issues to limit and manage risk. The reason for this examination is these business leaders recognize that statutory regulation and vigorous whistleblower provisions may not be enough to halt dangerous acts before they inflict great internal and public harm to the organization.

And, they’re right. Take a look at …

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|August 8, 2013|No Comments

Dear New Mayor of San Diego:

san diego resized 600We expect you to understand that sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment are prohibited.  One might have believed that to be well-accepted, however San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner’s responses to allegations of sexual harassment from ten women (so far) suggest that it may be wrong for us to assume that you would take the position of mayor of San Diego with a detailed  …

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|June 25, 2013|No Comments

We’ve been hearing stories of bloggers who have lost their jobs for writing entries that their employers decided were inappropriate. Had these people been diarists rather than bloggers, it wouldn’t even come up, but blogs are out there for everyone to see. I suspect blog entries will continue to create new questions, problems, and anxieties for companies, just as e-mail and IM did a few years ago and faxes did …

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