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|April 22, 2014|4 Comments

A while back I spoke with a distinguished physician leader. He wanted to change the behavior of key hospital staff who habitually engaged in unprofessional and perhaps even abusive conduct. ‘Why don’t we put them through an eLearning?” he asked. “By letting them do this on their own schedules, we’ll be able to roll this out quickly.” “Because it won’t work,” I said; and fortunately, he gave me a chance …

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|March 24, 2014|2 Comments

Does your organization need to change its culture quickly in terms of workplace conduct and ethics issues? If your goal is to do the minimum but to give your organization defenses in case there’s ever a costly mistake, then here’s a roadmap to get you started.check box

First, before any system-wide plan goes into effect, there must be top leadership sponsorship and support. When C-suite executives delegate all decisions about content …

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|January 7, 2014|No Comments

Happy New Year 2014 1 1 resized 600A New Year has arrived, and it’s time for predictions. I’ll make one and add some suggestions to help deal with a change I see on the horizon relating to learning investments.

My prediction is that organizations will increasingly look at learning effectiveness as opposed to learning delivery with a more careful, thoughtful approach than they have in the past. Particularly for important subjects that affect culture, productivity, and risk, …

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|September 9, 2013|No Comments

Just as technology has changed how we read newspapers, listen to music, and watch TV shows, movies, and other content-rich events, it’s also altered the academic and workplace classroom and how we deliver learning.

We’ve already seen an evolution, which has moved learning from in- person classrooms to online “pre-recorded” learning courses.  The next phase is interactive learning that will be brought to the desktop of students who participate in …

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|February 11, 2013|One Comment

describe the imageIn academia, Massive Open Online Courses [MOOCS] are now either the latest college fad, like streaking, or a seismic change akin to eliminating parietals and creating mixed male female dorms. MOOCS are online courses taught by first-rate lecturers who deliver via the desktop.  Students can be dispersed around the world and participate in online live and “bulletin board” chat sessions. While most of these courses are offered for free and …

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