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|June 25, 2014|One Comment

Consider two entirely different organizations: one is our largest automotive producer; the other, a massive federal agency. What General Motors and the Veterans Administration have in common now are acts of malfeasance that not only have created outrage, but tainted their reputations and the public’s trust.

The facts are shocking.  At GM and the VA, people ignored their responsibilities to fix known problems resulting in serious harm and fatalities to …

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|June 9, 2014|One Comment

From what we have learned from their lawyers’ recently released report, executives and other leaders at General Motors apparently perfected their own non-verbal communication styles with an effectiveness which would have made Don Corleone proud. As candidly confirmed by CEO Mary Barra, leaders developed a cultural practice of tacitly agreeing not to pursue business problems with a “nod” while declaiming responsibility with an arms folded “salute.”  In the case …

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|May 29, 2014|No Comments

“My cats shredded your couch. You are correct.”

This is the phrase that converted my husband’s lack of appreciation for cats into a wholesale intolerance of anything remotely feline. It was uttered by his then roommate, a woman with two cats to whom he very reluctantly rented one of the rooms of his house in the years before I met him.

“I always distrusted cats,” he told me, “but I …

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|February 24, 2014|3 Comments

Adrienne.GeorgeKayAward.2 resized 600ELI® is pleased to announce the establishment of the George H. Kaye Award honoring the ELI team member who, over the past year, best demonstrated ELI’s values of inclusion, integrity, client service, and overall team contribution.

As Vice President of Human Resources at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, George Kaye engaged ELI on its first assignment. Over the past 27 years, George became a dear friend to ELI’s President …

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