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|January 18, 2018|One Comment

Some examples of workplace harassment are so clear that there’s no question in anyone’s mind that harassment is taking place. Demanding a massage from an employee in a hotel room, for example, is one.

However, many people are genuinely surprised that other, more subtle forms of harassment also qualify as such.

Harassment doesn’t have to include harsh words or gestures exchanged directly. More insidious forms of harassment can include …

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|April 13, 2015|No Comments

Last month, a California jury ruled in favor of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, a leading venture capital firm, rejecting Ellen Pao’s claims of sex-based discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. As I followed the case, I wondered how Kleiner’s principals would have evaluated a possible investment target whose senior leaders were known to engage in the behaviors described in the trial.

If nothing else, wouldn’t Kleiner perceive that the firm’s leaders …

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|July 17, 2014|No Comments

During a routine physical, your physician informs you your blood pressure is extremely high. She advises you to live a healthier lifestyle, but beyond that doesn’t tell you how to treat the condition or what could happen if you do nothing. Not a very effective way of convincing you to adjust your habits, is it?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how some organizations, including healthcare, are handling unprofessional, abusive conduct, or what …

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|May 7, 2014|2 Comments

There are many ways that leaders and co-workers can detract from the performance of those around them. They can be purposely mean spirited, sexually or racially offensive, or downright cruel. While it’s hard for most of us to fathom, for some people, demeaning others brings satisfaction or a sense of superiority. But that’s not always what motivates abusive behavior.

For self-styled, high-performing perfectionists, special pressures may arise when they have …

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|March 12, 2014|No Comments

I recently participated in a webcast discussing current workplace issues which included bullying or abusive conduct.  So far, such behavior, however defined or named, has not been recognized as illegal at the state or federal level.  Generally, these and other programs I have participated in mostly consider whether workplace bullying is an imminent or remote litigation risk.  No doubt that’s a matter with which to be concerned.

bully 5 resized 600However, to me …

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