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|December 16, 2014|4 Comments

eli-steve-steelersI just had a great three-day football weekend in Atlanta. My cousin, Dan Rossman, came in from Pittsburgh, my hometown, and invited me to go to the Falcons-Steelers game with him and several of his friends. We had a memorable weekend and I got an unexpected lesson.

After work on Friday, we met for a beer in the heart of Atlanta’s commercial district, Buckhead. Around 6:30 I was driving home …

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|November 7, 2014|2 Comments

A while back, I was at a social event with a group of friends. As I was leaving, one of them, a colleague and friend I have known more than 10 years, made a painful ethnic comment to me. I knew he meant nothing by it and I winced – I thought internally – but maybe my face revealed my surprise and even some pain. I didn’t say anything; I

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|November 13, 2013|One Comment

There’s a locker room full of facts yet to surface surrounding Jonathan Martin’s departure from the Miami Dolphins. The second-year lineman claims to have been bullied, threatened, and harassed by Richie Incognito, a veteran teammate who played next to him on the offensive line. Martin is 320 pounds, a powerful man in a sport requiring mental grit and fierce physical demands. The publicly stated reasons for his exit are unusual …

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|July 2, 2013|No Comments

Last week, the Food Network announced it would not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of June.  Her dismissal occurred after she admitted using racial slurs in a pre-trial deposition involving a lawsuit filed by a former employee. She may be the first Southern chef to make the news this way, at least from my recollection, but what happened to her is a recipe for disaster …

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