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|March 8, 2018|No Comments

Most companies will at least pay lip service to the fact that they don’t want managers to make employees feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

So why is it so common for abrasive managers to get away with bad behavior? It’s a pattern that we see repeating itself again and again, while company higher-ups often feel powerless or miffed about how to stop it.

It’s imperative that companies deal with abrasive managers …

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|August 4, 2014|3 Comments

On July 30th, the Wall Street Journal reported the following on a recent meeting of the New York Fed:

“Thomas Baxter, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the New York Fed, stressed at the outset of his remarks that he was only speaking for himself, but he pointedly critiqued company culture, saying that if a firm’s values don’t support the rules used to guide employee behavior, the organization ‘is

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|March 24, 2014|2 Comments

Does your organization need to change its culture quickly in terms of workplace conduct and ethics issues? If your goal is to do the minimum but to give your organization defenses in case there’s ever a costly mistake, then here’s a roadmap to get you started.check box

First, before any system-wide plan goes into effect, there must be top leadership sponsorship and support. When C-suite executives delegate all decisions about content …

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|January 7, 2014|No Comments

Happy New Year 2014 1 1 resized 600A New Year has arrived, and it’s time for predictions. I’ll make one and add some suggestions to help deal with a change I see on the horizon relating to learning investments.

My prediction is that organizations will increasingly look at learning effectiveness as opposed to learning delivery with a more careful, thoughtful approach than they have in the past. Particularly for important subjects that affect culture, productivity, and risk, …

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|October 22, 2013|No Comments

Recently, I’ve found myself speaking to several professional groups about whether and how ethics and professionalism can be taught. The good news is that yes, these subjects can be — e.g., the content can be delivered to students through instruction.  But, there’s more to consider than simply teaching these concepts. What we should be focusing on is whether ethical and professional training can be learned. And, how can key …

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