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|May 7, 2014|No Comments

Last week I was in Manila working with colleagues from the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, India, and China.  I am back home now, researching recipes for adobo and holding in my hand the most beautiful pistachio-colored, South Sea pearl I have ever seen. All in all, a terrific experience both personally and professionally, and certainly one difficult to summarize in a few words.  Still, a few of takeaways, this …

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|August 8, 2013|No Comments

Dear New Mayor of San Diego:

san diego resized 600We expect you to understand that sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment are prohibited.  One might have believed that to be well-accepted, however San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner’s responses to allegations of sexual harassment from ten women (so far) suggest that it may be wrong for us to assume that you would take the position of mayor of San Diego with a detailed  …

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|June 25, 2013|No Comments

The New York Times Test is mentioned often in the context of corporate misbehavior. It basically says that you can decide whether or not you should do something by considering whether or not you’d want it (and your name) to appear in an article on the front page of the New York Times.

At first it sounds like a practical, useful standard. Well, it’s clever, but that’s about it. If …

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|May 21, 2013|No Comments

describe the imageIn Part I of this article, I wrote that restoring broken trust is based on behavior, not words, slogans or talking points.  Because trust is breached by actions, it takes other key actions to repair it. These involve ongoing daily leadership behaviors which become the customary routine way things are done.

In the past several weeks, two stories have tarnished parts of our military and the Internal Revenue Service. …

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|April 1, 2013|3 Comments

Codes of conduct cover just about everything – what you can say and can’t; what gifts are acceptable and aren’t; relationships that are proper and those that cross the line.  They span a wide swath of legal and operational territory. So let me suggest one more rule to prevent workplace behavior which drains productivity, creativity and efficiency.

Surely there’s room for a standard to limit excessive emails, conference calls and …

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