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Workplace training options

There’s little worse for an HR professional than seeing your training met with stifled sighs and surreptitious eyerolls.

It’s your job to make sure that the workplace training you present to your team is well-received and interesting. Otherwise, it has little chance of actually being effective.

To make sure the programs you choose will be met with more enthusiasm, you need to do a few things. First, make sure that …

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Tips for how to handle workplace conflict

We all know that conflict is an unavoidable part of life. Unless we live in the proverbial bubble or echo chamber, we’re going to run into ideas and people that we dislike or resist — often many times a day.

That’s generally a good thing. Conflict exposes us to new ways of thinking and can help us challenge our own assumptions.

But in other cases, conflicts become too emotionally charged. …

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Examples of Workplace Incivility

Any property owner knows that even a small leak in a pipe has the potential to do massive damage over time. Caught early, a leak won’t ruin much. Ignored long-term, it could cause the roof to cave in.

Headline-grabbing, egregious examples of bad behavior at work may seem like the equivalent of a burst water main. However, they’re usually the end result of less noticeable, long-term damage caused by legal …

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Companies that value diversity and inclusion tend to make better hires, work more productively in teams, and reach financial goals more easily.

However, getting those business benefits isn’t as easy as switching up your recruitment sources to focus on increasing the numbers of certain marginalized groups.

A diverse workforce is only one step toward what should be the final goal: a culturally competent workforce. Cultural competence refers to a deeper …

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Even when business is going well, many leaders struggle to justify the expense of staff training.

But during the tough times, when cash is especially strapped, spending that money on something intangible like workplace behavioral training can be an even tougher sell.

When leaders are hesitant to spend on training due to budget concerns, it’s usually because they’ve bought into one of two misconceptions.

The first misconception is that staff …

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