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Sexual harassment procedure

The issue of sexual harassment at work has been a problem for years, but is finally getting some of the attention it deserves. With a growing number of well-known and previously well-respected figures being implicated and shamed, all business leaders should be thinking about how this cultural shift will affect their workplace.

There’s much to be done in the way of understanding why sexual harassment happens, how it goes unreported, …

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|March 19, 2018|One Comment

Sexual harassment bystander

Whenever the bad behavior of someone in a power position becomes public, initial outrage is quickly followed by shock that they were able to get away with it. Finger-pointing about who else knew, and how much they knew, begins quickly.

We tend to judge non-intervening bystanders harshly. After all, we think to ourselves, there’s no way that WE would have tolerated that kind of behavior if we’d known about

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Most companies will at least pay lip service to the fact that they don’t want managers to make employees feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

So why is it so common for abrasive managers to get away with bad behavior? It’s a pattern that we see repeating itself again and again, while company higher-ups often feel powerless or miffed about how to stop it.

It’s imperative that companies deal with abrasive managers …

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|January 18, 2018|One Comment

Some examples of workplace harassment are so clear that there’s no question in anyone’s mind that harassment is taking place. Demanding a massage from an employee in a hotel room, for example, is one.

However, many people are genuinely surprised that other, more subtle forms of harassment also qualify as such.

Harassment doesn’t have to include harsh words or gestures exchanged directly. More insidious forms of harassment can include …

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Your company’s success depends on your ability to make great hires.

Many business leaders know this and go to great lengths to attract the best candidates. However, there’s a hidden force keeping a majority of companies from hiring the most qualified applicants, despite their conscious efforts.

That force is unconscious bias. It’s a natural function of the human brain, and it affects us all — even the most well-meaning …

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