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Sexual Harassment in the workplace has reached a tipping point. Over 75% of women, and 30% of men, have experienced harassment and the #MeToo movement is bringing these issues to the surface.

The question is: what will your workplace do about it? How are you going to respond to this movement? Old strategies have become “check the box” actions used to document compliance and this movement requires more. Your Sexual Harassment Training needs to create a lasting change in how people are treated in the workplace.

We’ve seen an increase in people reaching out to us inquiring about our services, and some are in crisis. Don’t wait until something happens to take action. Equip yourself with these Sexual Harassment Training resources and proactively work to improve your workplace.

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Fixing Your Harassment Crisis Before It Hits

Suppose your organization learned that its flagship process, product, or service had a catastrophic flaw—one so serious that if left unaddressed it could harm the public, ruin the organization, or cause it to rapidly lose its market share to the competition. How would your organization act? 

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4 Simple Guidelines for Men Afraid of #MeToo

How should men conduct themselves in today’s workplace? It’s a question I’ve heard gradually bubbling up as reports of harassment, bullying, and abuse against women in the workplace, across industries, has culminated with the #MeToo movement.

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Sexual Harassment: Where to start and why it matters

Sexual harassment in the workplace has been ignored, tolerated, overlooked, and somehow perpetuated for years, decades and maybe centuries. It’s only now that we’re experiencing a dramatic cultural inflection, brought on by the courage of some women who were…

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Harvard Business Review
Sexual Harassment Training Resources

Breaking the Silence

by Chai R Feldblum and Victoria A Lipnic

At the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), we’re charged with ensuring that workplaces are safe for everyone, and we know that sexual harassment is a pervasive problem. It cuts across all industries, all socioeconomic classes, and all levels within organizational hierarchies. Studies show that 60% to 70% of women have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment on the job at some point during their careers.

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Ready to do something about your Sexual Harassment Training?

Civil Treatment®, ELI’s award-winning flagship training program, is designed to help organizations prevent, detect, and correct inappropriate behaviors and build productive, inclusive cultures.

Civil Treatment is a series of training and learning courses with tracks for leaders and employees. Designed to address the issues that businesses face on a daily basis, the programs provide participants with resources to create a more civil, inclusive, and productive workplace.

Delivery options include: Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, and Online Training.

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Where does your workplace stand?

Stopping sexual harassment starts by addressing your workplace culture. But is your company culture good, bad, or… ugly?

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Understanding the Bystander’s Role in Sexual Harassment at Work

Whenever the bad behavior of someone in a power position becomes public, initial outrage is quickly followed by shock that they were able to get away with it. Finger-pointing about who else knew, and how much they knew, begins quickly. We tend to judge non-intervening bystanders… 

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Four Steps Employees Should Take When Facing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Ask any number of people if they’ve experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace and, although it may sound disturbingly high, it’s actually about 25%. However, if you describe behavior that constitutes harassment and ask the same people…

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Harassment in the Headlines… Your Questions Answered

ELI recently hosted a nationwide webcast to address the onslaught of harassment claims in the headlines. The interactive discussion allowed HR and training professionals to tackle essential questions about behavior, training, and corporate culture. Here’s a recap of the questions that were addressed along with…

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