Why Organizational Culture Is So Critical In Stopping Abusive Workplace Behavior

Join us for the first in our special webcast series focusing on dysfunctional, abusive behavior in the workplace and what organizations, boards and senior leaders can do.
In this webcast, Jon Spector, President and CEO of The Conference Board, Stephen Paskoff, President and CEO of ELI®, a training company that teaches professional workplace conduct and was cited in the EEOC’s 2016 Study on Workplace Harassment, along with the company’s Vice President, Paula Garlen, will discuss:

  • The grave impact that abusive behavior has on employees, customers, shareholders and communities;
  • How recent prominent workplace harassment crises arose even in the presence of espoused organizational values and compliance structures which should have prevented or detected such conduct; and
  • What key leadership and operational steps should be in place beyond standard compliance measures, like hotlines and annual training, to build civil, inclusive cultures anchored by organizational values and daily behavior.

Learn several simple, practical models for analyzing an organization’s operations to determine if it is set up to resist or suffer a workplace cultural failure and public crisis.
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