It's Makeover Time for Civil Treatment Characters

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to old friends – or, in this case, old characters who feel like old friends. But the times have changed, and so must Sam, Jean, Rob, Carol, and other familiar faces from Civil Treatment® for Managers and Civil Treatment® for Employees. One of the most exciting parts of revising CTM and CTE (revised versions of both programs will be released in fall 2008) is the opportunity to shoot new vignettes. And the biggest challenge is finding the right actors to replace our old favorites while still making sure the tone and learning points are spot on. It’s hard to envision a new Sam when we’ve seen the old one so many times that we can recite his lines along with him. But we take our time absorbing feedback from our clients, tweaking the scripts, and scouring over audition tapes to find the perfect Rob, the ideal Lori, or the precise Vance who encompass the spirit of the vignettes while also adding their own nuances. Filming the scenes is tiring work; we record every single line countless times until the actors’ facial expressions and voice inflections are just right. And in the end, we hope to have a new compilation of vignettes that bring key CT concepts to life for years to come

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