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Ready to learn more about what Unconscious Bias is, and how it can affect your workplace?

intro-to-unconscious-biasThe Introduction to Unconscious Bias provides an overview of Unconscious Bias, explores what it is, provides real-world examples of unconscious bias and helps to explain what you can do about it.

Unconscious bias is not always bad, but having an understanding of the concept is critical to creating a civil workplace.

Highlights Include

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • What microaggression means for your workplace
  • Where does unconscious bias fit within your corporate training?
  • Five real-world examples of unconscious bias
“Unconscious bias occurs when you make spontaneous judgments about people or situations based on your past experiences, culture, background, or exposure to media. These hidden preferences or prejudices can affect nearly every decision you make.”
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