How civil is your workplace? Take the CT Workplace Assessment and find out!

Does your workplace provide an environment of professionalism, respect, and inclusion? Creating an environment in which all employees can thrive, from top management to lower level support, is more important than ever.

Where does your workplace stand?

While most professionals agree that a civil workplace critical to success, the important question is– where does your workplace stand? It’s a simple question that’s been difficult to answer – until now.
The team at ELI created a 14-question assessment tool that will help you better understand your workplace, and what you can do about it. Covering areas like leadership, peer-to-peer, culture and diversity, the results provide insight into your workplace culture.
Your talent is your biggest investment. Take five minutes, get your own CT Workplace score and gain insight into where your company culture really stands.
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  • Mark Lawler says:

    As a Licensed Psych Tech, I have just celebrated my 40th year of licensure. Over that period, I have observed and been fearful that civility is fast waning from our daily repertoire. The days of inclusion and mentoring seem to be gone. Yet, if one goes out of their way to take care of someone entering the field, takes time to understand their fears, and imagine their aspirations, that person is rewarded repeatedly. I have had the privilege of mentoring newly licensed nursing personnel at many levels. A few of them seemed bored and annoyed at some old man modeling civil behavior and suggesting ways to approach clients and co-workers. Doing the right thing in a gentle and nurturing manner seems to be the only guidance required. I have been stunned on several occasions when someone I was orienting, who seemed to have disdain…. hatred toward me for my persistence, approaches to say “thank you for making me a Psych Tech”.. Especially in the field of human services, we have to be invested and enjoy what we do. I look forward to reading the book and putting any new information into my daily behavior. Mark

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