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Back to a Changing Workplace for Leaders

New! What Your Leaders Need Right Now To Manage During the Covid-19 Transition

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Your organization faces a critical time.

As you make plans to return to the workplace, what must your leaders do right now to help their teams work best together in line with your organization’s values and standards?

How will they manage their teams effectively amid Covid-19 fears about health, family, and an uncertain work environment?

Focused Training, Right Now

ELI’s new module, Focus Right Now: Back to a Changing Workplace for Leaders, uses real-life scenarios to help your leaders manage these issues. It provides insights and specific strategies, including actions and communications, to prepare leaders for conversations with their teams as they return to the workplace and resume business operations.

Part of ELI’s Civil Treatment® Workplace series, you can deliver Back to a Changing Workplace as part of your Civil Treatment initiative or as a stand-alone module in less than an hour.

Using ELI’s award-winning methods and models, its flexibility allows you to seamlessly add your own organization’s polices, standards, and messages as part of the module.

It can be delivered virtually or live by your Certified Civil Treatment instructors or ELI’s professional facilitators.

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Focus Right Now from ELI

In this interactive discussion,
leaders will:

  • Identify available resources for getting help 
  • Review your specific organizational policy
  • Simulate potential employee concerns and how to respond to them
  • Practice proactively communicating to welcome concerns and set expectations for maintaining a safe, inclusive, and productive work environment
  • Apply key Civil Treatment Workplace behavioral models
  • Develop an action plan

Tools covered
in the module:

  • Civil Treatment® Foundations
  • Organizational policies/procedures/help resources
  • Uncivil Behavior Triangle
  • JustTalk Model™
  • Tips for preventing and addressing issues
  • Action plan

Focus Right Now: Back to a Changing Workplace for Leaders is:

  • Flexible – Designed so you can easily incorporate your own organization’s policies and standards
  • Practical – Relatable, real-life scenarios that prepare your leaders to both prevent and respond to problematic work behaviors
  • Actionable – Best practices to help your leaders guide your workforce during the transition back to the workplace
  • Immersive – ELI’s award-winning flight-simulator methodology allows leaders to ask questions, respond, and role-play realistic issues prevalent in the new workplace environment

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