Experience ELI®

What is a Day Like?

Training with ELI is something that has to be experienced. We designed our courses to be engaging, memorable, and most importantly… effective.

The way a participant experiences ELI training will be unique depending on the delivery method. Our Instructor-led, Virtual Instructor-led, and Online courses each have their own features and are designed to maximize the participant experience.

Consistent Principles

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, all ELI programs are designed with a clear set of core principles and techniques. These include:

  • Real life video scenarios
  • Engaging dialog
  • Skill challenges
  • Exercises
  • Simulation
  • Skill building
  • Jury exercises
  • Interactive and participatory sessions



Our instructor-led programs are typically held at your office.
Your ELI trainer will arrive with all of the materials for the training session. Participants arrive at the session and are guided through a day of videos, exercises, role-playing, and in-depth training.


Virtual Instructor-led

Delivered using a mix of webcasting and video conferencing, Virtual Instructor-led training (VILT) brings a live facilitator to your team through the web. The program is designed to engage connection between participants while being extremely flexible.



The online eLearning programs from ELI can be watched on-demand and are able to be delivered using your LMS. As a flexible and cost effective solution, the online courses give participants a flexible and engaging way to build their skills.