ELI launches new Diversity & Inclusion training program

April is Celebrate Diversity Month — a month dedicated as an opportunity to place focus on the differences and similarities that make each of us unique. Founded in 2004, the concept was designed to educate, honor, celebrate and share the melting pot of cultures, religions, foods, language, art and lifestyles that make up our world. As part of Celebrate Diversity Month, corporations, families, schools and organizations are encouraged to create opportunities to learn and share and embrace diversity.
In concert with Celebrate Diversity Month, ELI is happy to announce the launch of our new Diversity & Inclusion program – Civil Treatment® Building an Inclusive Workplace.
Introducing skills for treating others fairly and equally, the program underscores the business imperatives associated with diversity and inclusion and offers skills and insights for maximizing the benefits of a workforce made up of many cultural backgrounds, personal characteristics, and unique experiences. The program provides a foundation for civility and productivity by providing the building blocks for a healthy workplace culture and the opportunity for increasing all aspects of bottom-line success.
Targeting much more than legal compliance, Civil Treatment: Building an Inclusive Workplace offers employees a safe environment to engage in inclusive dialogue, and provides a proactive behavioral approach to leading inclusive teams. By equipping participants with learning experiences and skills for working in inclusive teams, this program helps leverage the differences and strengthening results.
Today’s most successful employers understand that it’s not always egregious, headline-grabbing problems that affect an organization’s bottom line. Instead, a thorough understanding and elimination of subtle diversity and unconscious bias in the workplace is key to reaching full potential. Through discussion, exercises, videos and role playing, ELI’s Diversity & Inclusion program provides practical tools and models that reinforce these concepts.


    What are the costs associated with and individual taking this training and becoming a D&I Trainer?

  • Kaitie says:

    Hi, we have a staff of 20-30 people and I was wondering if you are offering diversity and inclusion training to businesses. We are looking for a speaker to join us for a staff meeting to talk about diversity in the workplace.

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