ELI CEO Featured on XpertHR podcast

This summer, a number of high-profile sexual harassment complaints brought the issue front and center, sparking critically important conversations about behavior in the workplace.
On a recent episode of XpertHR’s podcast, ELI President and CEO, Stephen Paskoff, addressed sexual harassment and the need for organizations to consider an alternate approach to positively affect the problem.
“Too many organizations take a cosmetic approach,” says Paskoff. “Employers should look at what will stop the behavior, and I don’t think giving a one-time dose of learning each year is what does that.” He explained further, “A lot of the training that’s offered is designed inadvertently to build legal defenses rather than to change behavior.” An excellent point, but how does a well-meaning employer change the behavior of an entire organization?
To find out, listen to the XpertHR podcast, “Why Sexual Harassment Training Needs a Reboot.” Short and to the point, Paskoff shares his insight on how to change behavior to build a healthy company culture that won’t tolerate sexual harassment.

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