Creating a Culture of Workplace Accountability – EEOC EXCEL Conference

Creating a Culture of Workplace Accountability

We live in tumultuous times. With so many examples of flagrant misbehavior and mistreatment of others making headlines, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a professional workplace culture. The tug of war between the culture organizations say they have and the one that “shows up” creates unnecessary conflict and disruption. Resource limitations, changing political agendas, and a social culture shaped by diverse media influences pose additional challenges and are distractions to mission success. In this interactive session, we will confront prevailing attitudes in the workplace and offer skills and insights necessary to align behaviors to organizational standards and create higher levels of accountability for mission success.

Participants will:

  • Learn effective ways to challenge prevailing rhetoric and ensure that organizational values and standards aren’t diluted by outside influences.
  • Receive proven behavioral models and we will look at how they can be applied to deepen the commitment to mission success.
  • Be introduced to a range of practical tools for establishing and sustaining behaviors that are aligned with agency values to maintain a professional workplace culture.
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