What is a CT Workplace?


A Civil Treatment Workplace is one in which all members of the organization, from the highest level of leaders to the newly-hired employees, know and act in line with organizational values and expectations.

It is a workplace where values are translated into day-to-day behaviors of professionalism, respect, collaboration, and inclusion. As such, a Civil Treatment Workplace fosters an environment in which all employees can thrive and do their best work.


86% of business leaders rate “culture” as one of the more urgent talent issues, yet only 14% understand what the “right culture” really is. It’s time to carefully define your culture, measure it, and find where and how it may be misaligned.

Deloitte Human Capital Trends report (2016)

Why is it Important?


Your talent is your biggest investment. We help our clients maximize their greatest investment by developing skills and applying behavioral standards that foster a high performing culture aligned with driving organizational objectives.

Implementing a Civil Treatment Workplace strategy can help business leaders understand what the “right culture” really is! By focusing on helping employees improve fundamental behaviors, like how they interact with each other and how they identify, raise, and resolve problems, a Civil Treatment Workplace furthers your focus on minimizing legal risks, while also helping to increase productivity, inclusion, and retention. It’s about creating a culture where everyone can do their best work!


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Discover & Diagnose 

Operationalizing Civility starts with exploring the current issues and future objectives of your organization. In this stage, we will review your current systems and resources to launch a culturally-significant endeavor. We will work with you to examine the culture of your organization to better understand the underlying issues you’d like to address.

Prescribe & Plan

Based on our findings in the Discover & Diagnose stage, we will present recommendations and develop a customized implementation plan that leverages ELI’s solutions and delivery methods to address the various audiences within your organization to meet your current & future workplace goals.


Upon your approval of our customized recommendations, we will enter into the implementation stage. This stage consists of launching ELI’s innovative learning experiences. Designed for various audiences, this includes pathways for ongoing learning as well as specialized sessions for executive leadership and individual coaching. A communication strategy will be wrapped around the implementation to engage your workforce before, during and after training.


At ELI, we believe that any learning experience is most effective if you have a proper sustainability plan in place. To fully Operationalize Civility in your culture, we provide sustainability tools that builds on the momentum created throughout the previous stages and reinforce key concepts to hold everyone accountable.

Measure & Adjust

In collaboration with you, we will examine your CT Workplace implementation to help gauge the successes, failures, strengths and weaknesses of your progress towards Operationalizing Civility. Using pre-determined measurements of the endeavor, we will use various tools and practices to help analyze the impact on your workplace culture and then provide strategic recommendations for adjustments to the ongoing process.

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ELI provides a system of training programs and services in multiple delivery formats in our Civil Treatment Workplace solution. This involves training and sustainability learning targeted to team members at every level within your organization.

ELI also provides a variety of tools to help leaders talk about and reinforce key Civil Treatment concepts in line with your values as well as resources to help measure impact.

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