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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Leaders

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Sexual Harassment Prevention


Civil Treatment Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention for Leaders helps managers develop the necessary skills to prevent sexual harassment, communicate the organization’s expectations about workplace conduct, recognize and respond to problematic behavior, and maintain an environment where employees are comfortable bringing forward concerns.

It also offers an opportunity for participants to review and acknowledge relevant organizational policy. The course can be taken in as few or as many sessions as the user prefers.

Course Overview

Featuring a mix of live-action videos and other interactive scenarios, this highly engaging course teaches practical skills through an immersive and experiential format. Participants apply memorable behavioral guidelines to realistic workplace scenarios and skills-building exercises.


  • Live-action videos and audio- and text-based scenarios throughout
  • Skill challenges throughout
  • Modern design and easy user navigation
  • Short modules and per-page bookmarking to allow users more flexibility in completing the course
  • Click-to-acknowledge tracking for proof of receipt of anti-harassment policy

State-Specific Content

Add-on content to comply with training requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York (state and city) is available by request for no additional cost.

Delivery Options

Civil Treatment Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention for Leaders is available as a 1-hour online program.


Topics Discussed

This program covers a range of topics crucial to addressing and preventing workplace sexual harassment.

  • Sexual harassment (quid pro quo and hostile work environment)
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Federal laws prohibiting harassment
  • Creating a welcoming environment
  • Manager’s Duty to Act
  • Retaliation prevention
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and transgender status
  • Electronic communications
  • Inappropriate mutual banter
  • Civil Treatment Foundations
  • Third-party harassment
  • Manager liability

Delivery Options

Online Training

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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Leaders

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