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Civil Treatment Building an Inclusive Workplace

Today’s most successful organizations know that addressing Diversity and Inclusion issues is a business necessity in today’s turbulent times and the key to reaching their full potential.

In Civil Treatment: Building an Inclusive Workplace, your organization’s leaders will be equipped with to build highly inclusive teams and honor peoples’ differences to maximize results.

Course Overview

This behavior-based training program addresses today’s issues and underscores the business imperatives for leveraging the cultural backgrounds, personal characteristics, and unique experiences of all employees to truly promote and benefit from an inclusive workplace.

The course covers topics relevant to today’s workplace, such as unconscious bias, racial bias, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more.

  • Demonstrates to participants how their organization’s unique values and business goals can be achieved by having diverse, inclusive teams
  • Personalizes the concepts by having participants drive the discussion of the benefits derived from our differences
  • Engages participants in exploring ways to resolve conflict stemming from diversity and inclusion issues and offers opportunities for scenario-based skill practice
  • Uses engaging videos and interactive exercises to promote sharing of ideas among participants
  • Provides practical tools and models to reinforce the concepts

Today’s most successful organizations know that working through more subtle Diversity and Inclusion issues is key to reaching their full potential


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Topics Discussed

  • The business case for diverse teams and creating an inclusive culture
  • Impacts and examples of non-inclusive behavior
  • Steps for mitigating negative impacts of unconscious bias in decision-making
  • Making and communicating business decisions fairly
  • Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Duty to Act: the importance of taking action to effectively address non-inclusive behavior

Delivery Options

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

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Civil Treatment Building an Inclusive Workplace

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