Civil Treatment Series

Training for Leaders

ELI’s new Leadership program helps make your workplace an even better place for all. We created Civil Treatment Workplace for Leaders (CTWL) as part of our new Civil Treatment Workplace Initiative to build more inclusive, productive and compliant workplaces.

Today’s most successful organizations know that addressing Diversity and Inclusion issues is a business necessity in today’s turbulent times and the key to reaching their full potential. In Civil Treatment® Workplace: Inclusion NOW, your organization’s leaders will be equipped with tools to build highly inclusive teams and honor peoples’ differences to maximize results.

Civil Treatment Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention for Leaders helps managers develop the necessary skills to prevent sexual harassment, communicate the organization’s expectations about workplace conduct, recognize and respond to problematic behavior, and maintain an environment where employees are comfortable bringing forward concerns.


Inclusion NOW Essentials is a 45-minute, online learning experience designed to help leaders and employees learn the essentials of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

ELI’s new Professional Global Workplace for Leaders (PGWL) teaches managers how to build an inclusive, productive and professional environment that transcends geographical borders.

In Civil Treatment®: Building an Inclusive Workplace, your organization’s leaders will be equipped with skills to build highly inclusive teams and leverage peoples’ differences to maximize results.

Civil Treatment® Professionalism for Clinicians and Scientists reveals how to improve overall performance that positively impacts patient experiences and operational excellence by focusing on the quality of participants’ day-to-day interactions with patients, care teams, and staff.

JustTalk Model™

As we move forward to 2021, ELI will be offering certifications and other public events utilizing our new civil treatment leaders and employee programs.

These courses are specifically critical now, as they include a new component to help foster inclusive, collaborative conversations on a range of challenging workplace issues. Utilizing ELI’s JustTalk Model™, participants will learn how to talk, listen, respond, understand and resolve a range of challenging workplace issues dealing with differences related to issues like race, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation and other vital social issues affecting all of us in our work lives.

The insights gained during JustTalk Model™ are an effective way to raise, understand and resolve problems and then move forward.

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