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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees

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Sexual Harassment Prevention


Civil Treatment Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees teaches employees the skills necessary to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

With its concise design, this course provides a brief but important overview of key workplace topics.

State-Specific Content

Add-on content to comply with training requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York (state and city) is available by request for no additional cost.

Delivery Options

Civil Treatment Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees is available as a 30-minute online program.


Topics Discussed

This program covers a range of topics crucial to addressing and preventing workplace sexual harassment.

  • Definition and examples of sexual harassment
  • Organization’s anti-harassment policy
  • Complaint process
  • Offsite conduct
  • Mutual banter
  • Bystander intervention
  • Protection against retaliation
  • Manager’s Duty to Act
  • Civil Treatment Foundations
  • Third-party harassment
  • Electronic communications
  • Workplace environment
  • Sexual orientation/gender
    expression/gender identity/ transgender status

Delivery Options

Online Training

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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees

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