Civil Treatment Series

Training for Employees

Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees (CTWE) builds on our award-winning methodologies used by thousands of ELI-certified instructors in the workplace to help organizations build better and more effective behaviors aligned with mission, values and goals — and maintain those changes for the long term.

Civil Treatment for Employees (CTE) provides individuals and teams with skills and insights required to enhance engagement, inclusion, productivity, and professionalism. It’s a dynamic and interactive learning experience that promotes clear understanding of your organization’s workplace standards and expectations.

Using ELI’s proven methodology and a series of interactive exercises, videos, and discussions, Civil Treatment®: Building an Inclusive Workplace for Employees helps build the business case for diversity and inclusion based on participants’ individual experiences and goals.

CT Impact: Focus on Sexual Harassment Prevention reinforces concepts introduced in Civil Treatment for Employees. It provides an enhanced understanding of the business risks and was designed to address the California, Maine, and Connecticut requirements for sexual harassment training.

The CTE Refresher builds upon key concepts taught in Civil Treatment for Employees, including the Conduct Guidelines, a manager’s Duty to Act, harassment, and discrimination, while also introducing new Civil Treatment topics.