Civil Treatment Workplace

Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees

ELI’s new Employee program helps make your workplace an even better place for all.

We created Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees (CTWE) as part of our new Civil Treatment Workplace Initiative to build more inclusive, productive and compliant workplaces.

CTWE builds on our award-winning methodologies used by thousands of ELI-certified instructors in the workplace to help organizations build better and more effective behaviors aligned with mission, values and goals — and maintain those changes for the long term.

Sustain the change

The new Civil Treatment Workplace Initiative incorporates a structural breakthrough change into workplace training.

With many traditional training programs, the key goal is raising awareness. But sustaining cultural change is what drives the vision behind the Civil Treatment Workplace and its training components. Now, ELI’s new initiative expands the scope of workplace training from a one-time event to an ongoing learning experience – with measurable results.

Learn what’s different about the new Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees

We've redesigned CTWE, one of our core programs, for greater impact by enhancing an experience where the outcomes are more memorable, actionable, practical, and sustainable.
  • New Scenarios: Using more realistic and more relevant video vignettes in differing types of workplaces settings and the courtroom, the programs depict common workplace issues and include more contemporary and nuanced concepts such as addressing bystander intervention and social media.
  • Shorter In-Class Program: We streamlined the core programs to limit time away from the job while increasing learning sustainability and driving greater overall impact.
  • Alignment between Leader and Employee Programs: We applied a more integrated approach to our materials to recognize the realistic interaction between employees and managers in these situations.
  • Refined and More Eco-Friendly Participant Materials: We eliminated a lot of paper while providing more content to participants by limiting classroom materials to what is truly essential and by supporting the learning experience with greater access to more useful digital content.
  • Pre- and Post-Learning Tools: The new Civil Treatment Workplace initiative training programs don’t begin and end with the actual training. Everyone stays involved even after the classroom training ends.
  • New Dialogue Model: Our new JustTalk™ Model provides real-world suggestions on how to speak up to a colleague or to listen if someone speaks up to you.
  • Measurable Results: We provide tools to gauge the degree of learning and behavior change from the program. Additional methods are available to measure the program’s business impact, return on investment, and the learning effectiveness of your organization.
  • Courtroom scenarios: Participants are put in the situation of the judge or jury to use the evidence at hand to determine who is really at fault.

Real-world training that works best for you and your workplace

To help sift through the facts and understand all the ramifications, your trained facilitator works with each group to review, apply the behavioral models, and help them understand the implications of the several possible outcomes.

The new Civil Training Workplace Initiative is designed to work for your unique environment, industry, business issues, or other factors.

ELI’s Civil Treatment series is based on over 30 years of our award-winning learning methodology that helps the world’s leading organizations create workplace environments that attract and retain the best talent, while helping to achieve individual and team results.

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Civil Treatment Workplace Recorded Webcast

Inspired by client feedback, changes in the workforce, and enhanced learning strategies, the Civil Treatment Workplace Initiative expands from a one-time learning event to an ongoing learning experience. In this recorded webcast, we review and demonstrate new learning content and modules from the Employee and Leader versions of Civil Treatment Workplace and answer questions about this exciting new program.

Topics Discussed

  • Harassment
  • Manager’s Duty to Act
  • Retaliation/protected protest
  • Abusive behavior
  • Inappropriate mutual banter
  • Speaking up about workplace issues
  • Electronic communications / social media

Delivery Options

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Virtual Instructor-Led
Training (VILT)


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Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees

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