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It's Time to Take a Stand

Nobody does their best work in an environment where people are being ignored, excluded or harassed. So, if you change those behaviors, everyone’s performance and productivity go up. The challenge is that it takes more than just a one-time training event to make that kind of change.

The Civil Treatment Workplace is:


Highly interactive and engaging learning methodologies and communications models that can be incorporated into daily behaviors.


We provide a consultative and high-touch approach to ensure that your initiative is designed around your specific objectives, values and challenges.


Instead of a one-time training event, your workforce will experience ongoing learning, communications and reinforcement – with measurable outcomes.

Create A Civil Treatment Workplace

Civil Treatment® Workplace is a learning initiative with programs to help your organization achieve its best results aligned with your mission, vision, and values.

ELI’s new Leadership program helps make your workplace an even better place for all. We created Civil Treatment Workplace for Leaders (CTWL) as part of our new Civil Treatment Workplace Initiative to build more inclusive, productive and compliant workplaces.

Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees (CTWE) builds on our award-winning methodologies used by thousands of ELI-certified instructors in the workplace to help organizations build better and more effective behaviors aligned with mission, values and goals — and maintain those changes for the long term.

Focal Points

Focused, Specific Training to Stay Engaged

New for 2020, Focal Points are concise training modules that offer a deeper-dive on specific Civil Treatment Workplace topics. Our first Focal Point resource focuses on sexual harassment prevention training.

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