Celebrate Diversity Month: Inclusion NOW and Upcoming Webcast

Celebrate Diversity Month: Inclusion NOW and Upcoming Webcast

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, and we wanted to take a moment to recognize the occasion by highlighting diversity and inclusion and the ways our differences create a deeper understanding of each other.

Diversity and Inclusion are central to our mission at ELI, and we are marking the celebration with a series of articles, a DEI product launch, and an exclusive webcast event.

How to Prevent Your DEI Initiative From Becoming Just Another Bandwagon

ELI President and CEO Steve Paskoff recently posted an article on how organizations can make Diversity and Inclusion a permanent goal instead of a passing fad.

In the post, Paskoff states: Diversity and inclusion are hot topics and in workplaces, employers have issued commitment statements, formed committees, conducted listening sessions, and published long-term plans. A lot has happened, and it’s natural to think that these organizations are jumping on the bandwagon. And that’s the danger—that diversity and inclusion will be treated as just another bandwagon that organizations will jump off of when the next hot topic comes along. But these issues are too important to let that happen. Continue reading to see the full post on the ELI blog.

New Diversity and Inclusion Training Program

This month we’re also celebrating the release of our latest training course – Civil Treatment® Workplace: Inclusion NOW. It’s an interactive, action-based program anchored in an organization’s mission, vision and values and the idea that diversity, inclusion, and equitable treatment foster the best elements of individual and team results where everyone benefits.

You can learn more about Civil Treatment Workplace: Inclusion NOW on the ELI website.

Exclusive Preview Webcast

As part of the CTW: Inclusion NOW launch, ELI is hosting an exclusive first look at the new learning solution. The event takes place on April 7th at 2:00 PM ET and will be facilitated by Stephen Paskoff and Tucker Miller.

During the event, participants will view behavior-based models to reinforce key Diversity and Inclusion learning points and be exposed to topics relevant to today’s workplace, such as unconscious bias, bystander intervention, allyship, and having inclusion conversations.

Join us for this webcast and learn how to proactively address Diversity and Inclusion issues and help your organization reach its full potential. Click here to learn more and register for the free event.

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