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Should You Have An Attention Management Strategy?

Every company today is fighting to attract and retain talent. But there’s another, overlooked, talent war that could yield greater benefits if won, and greater harm if lost.  It’s the war for the attention of your talent. All of our great new forms of communication are eroding our ability to

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Teach Trust First

A few weeks ago, the EEOC released its annual charge filing and resolution statistics. The report tracks case trends from 1997 through 2011. Last year, charges rose to the highest level seen in this time period. Yet the percentage of reasonable cause findings of discrimination stayed relatively flat, at 3.8%. The other

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Going Nuclear – To More Safe Power For Georgia’s People

Within the week, I read two headlines whose pairing is striking. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the construction of the first two U.S. nuclear power plants in 30 years. Second, Roger Boisjoly’s death was announced. No doubt you’ve read about the NRC’s decision and likely the reactions it has generated. Many

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New Rules of Gravity for Today's Leaders

A while back, I met with the CEO of a nationally known firm; he’d started his business more than 20 years ago and built it to an industry leader.  He’s a visionary, inspirational and unique.  But his outstanding strengths are paired with what may be a fatal flaw.  His temper

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Blinded by Human Nature and Compliance

We all like to think we’d act quickly and effectively to stop ongoing, illegal, dangerous, or unethical acts once we had notice or a whiff of knowledge of improper behavior.  That’s one reason why the apparent inaction of many in the face of allegedly cruel, sadistic, and criminal conduct at

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