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Lance’s Lot –The Cost of Fraud

My son John and I stood several layers of people deep near the Champs Elysees on July 29, 2001 – one of the best days of my life. We had flown to Paris the day before for a bike trip in France which by lucky coincidence coincided with the final

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When HR and Legal Worlds Collide

Quick! Between your human resource and legal advisers, which group is more likely to say, “It looks like we’re in pretty good shape.  Nothing’s ever perfect, but claims are way down. We don’t have many lawsuits, and the ones we have we think we can settle reasonably— or, if need

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Scandal Reflex: More Training For Them

I was visiting with my friend last week just as two scandals broke.  We watched the headlines –Lockheed Martin’s incoming CEO, Christopher Kubasik, resigned his position as a result of having a “close personal relationship” with a subordinate. General David Petraeus’ resignation as Director of the CIA hit the news

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Fly Fishing and Workplace Learning

I’m standing in thigh-deep water. My wife is to my right, a guide, a few years older than I am, is between us. I’m wearing waders, have a fly rod in my hand, the water is rushing by, and this is all unfamiliar. I bike, I hike, I exercise a

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Legality, Civility, Productivity

I spoke with a distinguished executive who has a key role in leading fair employment initiatives for a major federal agency. She told me her organization is dealing with a range of disturbing leadership and workplace issues affecting morale and productivity. Generally, they involve supervisors who scream, yell, slam books,

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