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2012: The Year of Retaliation or Professionalism and Courage

A distinguished employment lawyer recently told me that he sees 2012 as the Year of Retaliation.  My friend may be right.  EEOC charges are on the rise; surveys indicate that in-house counsel view reprisal actions as a major concern; the new Dodd Franks legislation may spark “bounty” charges followed by

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The Cross-Examination

Lawyers have a useful tool when preparing witnesses to testify, especially if they have concerns about what they will say or how defensible they’ll sound.  They’ll assume the role of opposing counsel and ask the tough questions that go to the heart of the case.  This often causes the staunchest

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Workplace Class Actions After Dukes v. Wal-Mart

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a single cure for every major problem? That hardly ever happens. Cancer is a mass of diseases attacked with medicine, surgery, radiation and other measures. Crime is fought at the local, state, federal and international level with an array of statutes and enforcement

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3 Phrases – 12 Words – to Avert Disaster

Recently, I spent a day working with seven highly-skilled professionals drawn from human resources, law, and compliance departments of organizations representing healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage products, glassware and a major religious order. I asked them to spend a few minutes on their own to imagine their worst organizational nightmare

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All the World of Work's a Stage

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players They have their exits and their entrances…” Jacques’ famous soliloquy in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It speaks volumes about the workplace of 2011. In Elizabethan England and the chaotic times during which Shakespeare lived and wrote, it must

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No More "Whistleblowers" at Work

The chief aim of corporate compliance is to prevent, detect and correct problems before they lead to the stiff penalties the law imposes when the public is harmed, careers are ruined, and the impact of illegal acts lingers. In fact, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines reward firms whose compliance programs take defined steps

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