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Restoring Workplace Trust, Part II

In Part I of this article, I wrote that restoring broken trust is based on behavior, not words, slogans or talking points.  Because trust is breached by actions, it takes other key actions to repair it. These involve ongoing daily leadership behaviors which become the customary routine way things are

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Restoring Workplace Trust

We’ve been spending time with senior executives and other business leaders talking to and surveying them about issues in their workplaces.  Others have identified and analyzed this same issue.  A common concern is that distrust of organizations and leadership is high. Many point to the turbulence of the past several years

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Training, Framing, Retaining, Sustaining

How is it that some learning initiatives work delivering messages which participants absorb and apply while others fail without generating business results wasting time and money in the process? Read learning publications and you’ll find that measuring return on investment [ROI] in terms of behavioral and cultural change is a

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The Final Four Verdict — Rutgers Fouls Out

When the Final Four landed in Atlanta this year, I got a chance to experience the Tournament’s excitement up close with my cousin Michael and his son Dan who came to town to sell team souvenirs and network. They introduced me to their friends – coaches, former players, and devoted

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Reaching The Learning Resistant

He sat in front of me, about eight feet from where I stood.  For most of our class on workplace responsibilities, he had looked me in the eye, spoken up, and listened to those around him.  But then, something changed.  He folded his arms, frowned at the ceiling, shook his

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