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How to Train Millennials in the Workplace

Electronic tools and other tech advancements have drastically changed the workplace training landscape. We’ve all gotten used to the presence of smartphones, tablets, and apps in our lives. We’ve seen how easy they make it to create and watch videos, and to communicate with others quickly and easily from anywhere.

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Smart Ways to Make Your Online Training More Effective

Many business and organizational leaders have happily embraced the convenience that online training has granted their employees and HR departments. Training that used to require gathering large groups of people into a physical office with a live trainer can now be taken care of at each employee’s convenience via their

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Is it Possible to Operationalize Civility?

One of leaders’ most important jobs is to establish goals and priorities for their teams. They hold employees accountable to things like sales quotas, manufacturing quotas, and user acquisition goals. They expect all employees to understand what those goals are and focus on working together to meet them. When it

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Does Sexual Harassment Training Work?

There’s an assumption among some companies that workplace sexual harassment training simply doesn’t work. Sure, we still make our staff go through it, but mostly because we have to. We want to protect our organizations from lawsuits and show that we’re making an effort. After all, most people wouldn’t dream

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