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Managers: The Guardians of Workplace Standards

When senior leaders contradict the organization’s standards by making inappropriate comments or by failing to deal with others who do so, they’re sending the message to employees that the organization isn’t serious about those standards. When they require employees to attend ethics and compliance training but don’t show up themselves because they’re

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Specter of an FLSA Class Action? Scooby Dooby Doo!

My original title for this blog post was “All I Ever Needed To Know About Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Class Actions I Learned From Saturday Morning Cartoons.” But then I quickly realized that there was a single cartoon expert on this topic: that kooky Great Dane, Scooby-Doo. For those

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No More "Whistleblowers" at Work

The chief aim of corporate compliance is to prevent, detect and correct problems before they lead to the stiff penalties the law imposes when the public is harmed, careers are ruined, and the impact of illegal acts lingers. In fact, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines reward firms whose compliance programs take defined steps

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It's Time for Oracle to Update Its Code of Conduct and Values

Last week, Oracle announced that it had hired Mark Hurd as one of the software giant’s presidents and a member of its Board of Directors. The move came a month after Hurd’s dismissal from Hewlett-Packard. This is a stunning, perhaps unparalleled, reversal of CEO fortunes. While Hurd’s undeniable business talents are not in question, Oracle’s

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Banish Soft Skills At Work

We need to banish soft skills at work. I’m not talking about the concept but the term. It’s misleading and counterproductive, making the underlying skills sound as if they are pointless, wasteful frills. Yet, any respected leader will tell you it’s the “soft skills” that distinguish effective leaders from outstanding operational

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