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Where does unconscious bias fit within your corporate training?

Many organizations are beginning to understand the magnitude and importance of dealing with unconscious bias, which raises questions about where it best fits within a corporate training program. When handled well, unconscious bias training will help employees challenge their assumptions so they can objectively make decisions that are in the

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What microaggression means for your workplace

Ask five co-workers for a definition of microaggression and you will likely receive five different responses. While people may have a general idea of what microaggression is, many are unsure of its exact meaning. Understanding the definition of microaggression is important but knowing what it means for your workplace is

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Five real-world examples of unconscious bias

Unconscious bias can be a difficult topic to explain and define. After all, if something is unconscious, how do you even know that it exists? To shed some light on the issue and increase understanding, we’ve put together five real-world unconscious bias examples. 1. HELP! My video is upside down. Many

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What is unconscious bias?

Unconscious bias occurs when you make spontaneous judgments about people or situations based on your past experiences, culture, background, or exposure to media. It often manifests itself as an impression or gut feeling that shapes your perception, often in ways that are hard to articulate. These hidden preferences or prejudices

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Are We All Really Just Unconscious?

We all make quick decisions, sometimes unaware that we’ve even made them. But unless we’re part of the walking dead, the majority of our actions include conscious thoughts on issues like what type of careers we’ll pursue, who will be our friends, or where we’ll live. The same is true

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Loyal to the Core – Nuclear Values at Work

I had breakfast recently with a longtime friend and colleague, Al Capristo, who is the Executive VP and CAO for STP Energy in Texas.  Al’s passion is leading safe, efficient, nuclear power operations; for a long time, he’s been a champion of making sure that employees at all levels feel

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