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Harassment in the Headlines Webcast

Toxic cultures continue to make news; let’s explore what can you do about it Once largely respected, the Weinstein, Uber, and Fox brands now have the distinction of being known for sexual harassment, large settlements, ruined careers, a subculture of leaders who could do no wrong, and bystanders who were

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Civil Treatment Showcase Sessions

New to the Civil Treatment training program? Want to learn more and find out how Civil Treatment can help create a more civil, inclusive, and productive work culture at your agency? Get a FREE look at Civil Treatment for Leaders along with ELI’s new Diversity & Inclusion training program. 

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2017 Federal Dispute Resolution Training Conference

A New Approach to Prevent Workplace Harassment Jo Linda Johnson, Director of Civil Rights, Transportation Security Administration Stephen Paskoff, President, CEO, ELI, Inc. Nearly a third of all EEOC charges in 2015 were related to workplace harassment, and the EEOC wants that to change. In its latest in-depth report, the

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