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What Didn’t Bill O’Reilly Get?

Is it possible Bill O’Reilly didn’t know the general boundaries of proper, lawful behavior in today’s workplaces? Was this highly educated, Harvard-degreed commentator unaware that continuing to make unwelcome advances, threatening to retaliate against those reporting them or following through could cost him his job and lots of money? Could

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Food for Thought from Fox

Yesterday morning, I wrote a short blog concluding that Fox News would likely face long-term reputational damage if it allowed Bill O’Reilly to continue hosting The O’Reilly Factor. Before I could post it, Fox announced the end of O’Reilly’s twenty-year career with the network. As a broadcast superstar, Bill O’Reilly

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Harassment and the cost of culture at Uber

The recent reports and allegations of sexual harassment at Uber have once again have highlighted the ill effects of a toxic work environment that rewards bad behavior. In mid-February, Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer, wrote a blog in response to the many questions she’s received about why she left

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ELI celebrates 30 years in business

ELI is celebrating 30 years of helping organizations operate lawfully, professionally and in line with their values. Stephen Paskoff founded the company in 1986; Paskoff, an authority on workplace compliance and legal issues, has been a former trial attorney for the EEOC and a law firm partner in a nationally

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November Learning & Training Quick Links

Combating uncivil or bad behavior is ultimately about workplace culture, values, ongoing behavior and accountability. Here are some important developments and ideas to consider when it comes to your workplace environment, potential learning opportunities and the overall health of your organization: Campuses Cautiously Train Freshmen Against Subtle Insults Microaggressions are

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ELI CEO Featured on XpertHR podcast

This summer, a number of high-profile sexual harassment complaints brought the issue front and center, sparking critically important conversations about behavior in the workplace. On a recent episode of XpertHR’s podcast, ELI President and CEO, Stephen Paskoff, addressed sexual harassment and the need for organizations to consider an alternate approach

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