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New Rules of Gravity for Today's Leaders

A while back, I met with the CEO of a nationally known firm; he’d started his business more than 20 years ago and built it to an industry leader.  He’s a visionary, inspirational and unique.  But his outstanding strengths are paired with what may be a fatal flaw.  His temper

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We Act at Penn State

You’re about to cross the street. Someone’s pre-teen daughter jumps the curb as a car speeds toward her. You grab her arm and pull her to safety. Your neighbor runs to your back door – there’s been an accident down the street; someone’s hurt. You call 911. You go outside

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When Crisis Strikes

Just imagine you’ve got a new job. You’ve been hired following a major business crisis. Your responsibility:  make sure that a similar catastrophe never happens again. The recently selected CEO and her team need your advice and leadership. They will sign on to your plan. That’s the deal. Maybe the

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How Do We Make This Stuff Simple?

That was the question posed during a recent client meeting. How do we get people to care more about each other? How do we get people to be more engaged and trusting? How do we eradicate negative behaviors from our workplace and encourage a higher level of professionalism? Watching our

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Managers: The Guardians of Workplace Standards

When senior leaders contradict the organization’s standards by making inappropriate comments or by failing to deal with others who do so, they’re sending the message to employees that the organization isn’t serious about those standards. When they require employees to attend ethics and compliance training but don’t show up themselves because they’re

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