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When Leaders are Too Busy: What it Really Means

Imagine this conversation: Doctor: “We’ve reviewed the tests; our findings are in line with all of the other opinions. You need this operation. Without it, your life is at risk.” Patient: “This is exactly what I’ve been told; I did my research and know you’re the best. Just one question:

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Shakespeare on Values, Accountability and Leadership

I just read and watched William Shakespeare’s history play, Henry V. The story tells how Henry V led his Army through France in 1415, defeating a much larger force at Agincourt. Written in 1599, Shakespeare did not use the terms accountability, leadership or values; yet we can learn a lot

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In Honor of Dr. King

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday — he would have been 79 — and as the upcoming holiday celebrating the man and his achievements approaches, I’m reminded of something he once said that is a driving force behind what we’re all hoping to accomplish in the workplace: “Morality

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