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Whistleblowers and Your Responsibilities

How to Handle Whistleblowers and Your Responsibilities

Most of the time when we hear about whistleblowers in the news, it’s within a story about all the damage and fallout from surprising findings of misconduct or corruption. However, even when whistleblowing incidents result in public relations nightmares and plenty of scrambling, they can be helpful in the long-term.

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3 Common HR Documentation Mistakes to Avoid

3 Common HR Mistakes to Avoid During The Documentation Process

Solid HR documentation keeps you and your employees accountable to measure their plans and progress. But, of course, documentation is also crucial for reducing legal risk. If you don’t keep good records of employee performance and discipline, you won’t be able to prove that employer actions such as firings weren’t

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Best Practices for Hiring During the Pandemic

Best Practices for Hiring During the Pandemic

Is there anything that this novel coronavirus pandemic hasn’t disrupted? The spread of COVID-19 has caused such uncertainty in the market and in people’s personal lives that the hiring process has become much different than it was a mere six months ago. Of course, many businesses have seen a slowdown

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