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What is An EEO Practitioner? 3 Tips to Be Proactive

When a complaint comes forward at a government agency its first stop will likely be the EEO office. Clearly, addressing the stated claim is an important task of the EEO investigator and the claim must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, some agencies behave as if the sole responsibility of the EEO

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Reboot Your Harassment Training – Webcast Recap

In March of 2015, the EEOC launched a special task force to look at the issue of harassment in the workplace. After more than a year of study, they’ve recently released their recommendations. Steve Paskoff, CEO and President, and Tucker Miller, VP of Client Consulting of ELI sat down with

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EEOC and ELI Share “A Meeting of the Minds” on Harassment

Here are some quotes from a document I read last week: “Workplace harassment remains a persistent problem.” … ““There is a compelling business case for stopping and preventing harassment” … “It starts at the top… leadership and accountability are critical” … “Training must change.” As I kept reading I thought,

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EEOC recommends new approach to harassment prevention

Last week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its recommendations for a new, more effective approach to preventing harassment in the workplace. In the 18 months prior, the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace, worked closely with sociologists, industrial-organizational psychologists, investigators, trainers, lawyers,

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Why Government Workers and Others File Claims

As I wrote recently, 97% of the charges filed within the federal sector are dismissed. That’s a public fact available to anyone in the federal government who is contemplating filing a claim. The odds of winning a case are far slimmer than guessing the toss of a coin or even playing a slot

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